If like me you go through good and bad phases in your eating habits and sometimes reach a stage where you really feel that you need a good detox, I would highly recommend the Slimmeria Detox retreat.

After working away on The Bachelor I had eaten far more than I would normally and was keen to slim down to my normal size again and kick start a healthy eating regime.  A producer from The Bachelor told me about her experience at Slimmeria and recommended that I give it a try. She did warn me that it wasn’t for the faint hearted but that the results would really be worth it. I was up for the challenge and decided to book myself in for a week. My gorgeous friend and fellow TV presenter Sian Welby joined me at the retreat for the weekend.

The food during your stay is very limited, breakfast is either juice or a very small portion of porridge. Lunch and dinner are both made from a selection of semi raw vegetables and afternoon tea (which was always a highlight) is a very small portion of fruit. Check out the photos below of some examples of the food.

Afternnon tea




In addition to the very limited diet you also take part in at least 4 hours of exercise each day.

Most days started with a two hour walk by the sea or in the beautiful surrounding countryside, following by either circuits or aerobics and then yoga. For maximum results you are encouraged to go for another walk in the afternoon. In the evening the activities varied but we took part in classes including belly dancing  and zumba and had nutritional talks.

Belly dancing was great fun!

As a lovely treat most afternoons as part of the plan you were treated to a spa treatment. During my stay I enjoyed a facial, massage, Indian head massage and steam in the special sauna below! Additional spa treatments were available to book at extra cost. I felt really achy one day so treated myself to another massage, I felt I did deserve it!

The lovely spa

Sian in the steam machine

There were days during the week where I felt really hungry and weak but the rest of the group who where there that week helped me though. I made some lovely friends and it really helped to share the experience with others as you are all in it together! It really is challenging to participate in so many hours of exercise when you are running on empty but I felt I proved to myself that I could dig deep and carry on longer than I ever thought I would be able to. The 4 hour walk on the last day nearly finished me off, but when I had completed it I felt amazing.

By the end of the week I wasn’t feeling hungry and was craving healthy foods. I felt completely switched off to unhealthy food. I was craving soups, salmon and bananas! It really made me appreciate how much in general we over eat and how we don’t need as much as we think.

Bowling with Sian

On the last evening we all went bowling to celebrate and just had a pint of water each so as you can imagine it was a pretty wild night! I was lucky to have been part of such a lovely group of people!

The final weigh in

At my final weigh in I had lost 9 pounds so I was so pleased! The weight loss has certainly made it worth it. I went home feeling much slimmer and very relaxed and in control of my eating habits again. Sian came for the weekend and she lost 4.5 pounds, so you really do get fast results.


Me and Sian with the lovely Galia

The Slimmeria retreat is run by a very lovely and inspiring lady called Galia, she is a great character and really makes the experience what it is. Galia herself has lost a lot of weight in the past and is very passionate about detox, we all loved her!

For more information please click below to go straight to the Slimmeria website! There is a great mix of retreat packages to choose from.

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