Hayley Sparkes

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Presenter on TV and online, Live Event Host and Brand Ambassador

Presenter, fashion, beauty, entertainment, travel and property

Hayley Sparkes - Styling

I have been passionate about fashion for as long as I can remember.

There is nothing quite like putting on an amazing piece of clothing that transforms the way you look and feel.

For me fashion should be about having fun and expressing your personality.

I am a high street queen and believe that true style has nothing to do with how much you have to spend.

My wardrobe is a mix of pieces I adore from my favourite high street stores, boutiques, charity shops, clothes swaps and vintage finds and I have a great eye for a bargain.

Helping others to fall in love with fashion and really learn how to pick out clothes that make them feel a million dollars is what I live for.

Everyone can develop their own personal style and feel truly fabulous every day in what they are wearing.

Hayley Sparke's Fashion CV

I have a BA HONORS degree in Fashion Promotions from the Kent Institute of Art and Design and have worked as a photographic fashion stylist, a personal shopper and celebrity fashion stylist.

I also work in fashion buying with leading high-street accessory and fashion retailers.

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