Contrary to popular belief, an exceptional wedding tie is not just an important piece for the groom. In fact, every man taking part in your bridal party should be sporting a fantastic one. From pageboys to the best man, DQT offer the perfect wedding tie for everyone and for every sort of wedding.

Don’t let the bride’s party have all the fun when it comes to wedding attire. Make sure your groomsmen and yourself have a little fun with your outfits and ensembles. After all, following the initial moment when everyone spots the bride’s beautiful dress, all eyes will be on the well-dressed groom standing next to her, ready to start life as a married couple. High quality cravats, traditional and skinny neckties, and even bowties are available in an extensive range of colours and styles. DQT have some of the best wedding ties in the UK, you’ll be sure to get exactly what you’re after. Looking for something fun and spirited? Look no further than their collection of playful polka dot ties. After a more classic lo, they offer an extensive line of stunning classic ties too. Have your heart set on stylish stripes? They have a broad range of striped ties perfect for any occasion. Wanting to match your pastel or bold colour theme? There’s a perfectly coloured tie for you in the men’s wedding ties by DQT collection. They  even have a range of pageboys’ bow ties, so they can look as smart as the adults! And the best part is, these striking wedding ties in a huge range of styles and looks are not just made to be worn once. These exquisite pieces can easily transcend from groom to guest, and will effortlessly elevate your go-to wedding wardrobe. So if you’re looking for bland and boring office ties that don’t leave an impression, look elsewhere. But if you’re after the perfect wedding ties to make your special day complete, look no further than DQT’s collection. Just make sure you don’t outshine the bride! Click here to view the full collection of stunning wedding ties.